AxeBlaster.com was founded in June of 2006. This site specializes in Fender Stratocasters, from Standard Mexicans all the way up to Custom Shops. Building your own guitar gives the owner a sense of pride and more enjoyment then a regular guitar bought off the shelf.

Building your own axe can be a long, challenging process. The goal of Axeblaster.com is to make the most of this experience by showing you the how-to of building your guitar with step by step instructions and a buying guide to eliminate confusion on what you want to purchase.

Stratocasters are the most widely played guitars in the world. For this reason they are also the most widely built by individuals. Fender has been building Strats for over 50 years, this is why AxeBlaster.com recommends using only genuine Fender parts.

Please check out our site and let us know what you think!