How to Build a Guitar


Find a time frame you want to complete your guitar in. Putting together a guitar with all stock parts can be done in an afternoon, but custom work can consume a good amount of time. Most of the time spent will be finding parts and having them shipped to you. Find sellers that will send packages out in a timely manner and use fast shipping methods.... Read More →


Step 1: The installation of the loaded pickguard is simple. You need to run the tremolo ground wire through the left side hole and run the black and white output wires to the jack area.

In some cases is wire that directly screws into the guitar body under the pickguard.

Step 2: Next just screw the pickguard onto the body. Over tightening the screws can strip out the wood.... Read More →


For the input jack, take the two wires you ran through and solder them onto the jack as in the picture.

Wear eye protection during this process and take safety precautions to avoid burns.... Read More →


A standard Mexican Fender Stratocaster bridge is being used in this Installation. The for this parts include a bridge with saddles, 6 screws for the bridge, tremolo claw with 2 screws, and a whammy bar.

Step 1: Take the spring claw and the two screws and put them into the body. Do not screw them in very far.

Step 2: Next solder the tremolo ground wire onto the spring claw.... Read More →


Standard Mexican Tuners are being installed on a Standard Mexican Neck. American and Deluxe Tuners will also work on this neck.

Use a wrench to install the tuners and tighten them so they will not come lose.... Read More →


Step 1: Next install the neck plate with the screws only sticking out about 1/4 of an inch. This will help line everything up when you go to install the neck.

Step 2: Next place the neck on the screws.

Step 3: Screw the neck in and remember to rotate which screws you are fastening down (the same idea as putting on a car tire). ... Read More →