Bridge Installation

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A standard Mexican Fender Stratocaster bridge is being used in this Installation. The for this parts include a bridge with saddles, 6 screws for the bridge, tremolo claw with 2 screws, and a whammy bar.

Step 1: Take the spring claw and the two screws and put them into the body. Do not screw them in very far.

Step 2: Next solder the tremolo ground wire onto the spring claw.

Step 3: Turn the guitar body over and attach tremolo block. Leave about 1/8 of an inch of play on these screws so the block can move. The same goes for the 2-point
tremolo systems.

Step 4: Next use pliers to stretch the springs into position. If you are using 3 springs leave one space in between each one on the block. If you lose grip of a spring it can fly and cause damage to the paint on the body.

Step 5: Tighten the screws on the spring claw so there is little play in the block. The block still needs to be able to move if you plan on using a whammy bar.

Step 6: Then place the tremolo cover on the body.


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