Stratocaster Bodies

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Below you can view the differences of Fender Stratocaster Bodies. These verisons include Mexican Standard, American Standard, American Deluxe, and American Custom Shop Strat Bodies. Feel free to leave your questions or comments too!

Mexican Bodies

Mexican Body
$120 to $180
Weight: 4.5 to 5lbs
Wood: Alder

Mexican bodies are a great deal and work with some American Standard parts. These are cut from the same templates as the American bodies, but at a fraction of the cost.

American Bodies

American Body
Cost: $180 to $250
Weight: 4 to 4.5lbs
Wood: Alders

American bodies have a nice fit and finish to them. These bodies can only use the 2-point tremolo systems. These bodies are much more visually pleasing and come in more colors.


Deluxe Bodies

Deluxe Body
Cost: $250 to $400
Weight: 4.5 to 5lbs
Wood: Alder or Ash

Construction is the same as Standard American bodies. The finish and wood are better. Deluxe bodies only can use Deluxe neck plates as of 2002. Older bodies can use a standard 4-bolt neck plate.


Custom Shop Bodies

Custom Shop Body
Cost: $400 to $750
Weight: 4.5 to 5lbs
Wood: Premium Alder or Ash

These are the top of the line bodies from Fender. Awesome tone, very nice fit and finish, and great colors. Neck plates will vary by what model the Custom Shop body is off of.

Stratocaster Body Photos

View pictures of Mexican, American, Deluxe and Custom Shop Strat bodies.

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  1. Heino Rosenbrock

    October 1, 2014

    Dear Sirs,

    I am trying to rebuild my Stratocaster Mexican Body. These have three round drill holes at the front side. As I can see from the pictures the American body has only one drill hole. Can you please explain to me the use of these drill holes, what they are made for?
    Also can you send a scheme to me where I can find the measures for rebuilding and drilling of the new / exact holes?
    The problem is that I have a body without these drillings and the old, Original one I have is damaged from fire, so I am trying to build this body as Original to the damaged one I have.
    I hope you can understand my English, my daughter is translating and writing for me, but she only has the knowledge of the language and I have the knowledge of the Guitar…
    thanks for helping me,
    best regards from Northern Germany,


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