Stratocaster Bridge Covers

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Listed below are the different types of tremolo back covers. These back covers can come in varying degrees of quality and colors. The screw patterns may be different than what are on the body you have, so keep an eye out for that!

Mexican Stratocaster Bridge Cover Back PlateMexican Bridge Covers

$3 to $5

Mexican Strat Standard covers usually only come in white. Also there is a difference between right and left handed covers.





American Stratocaster Bridge Cover Back PlateAmerican Bridge Covers

$10 to $15

American Stratocaster Covers are used interchangeably between all American models and fit Mexican models. There are many different colors which vary between an American and Deluxe.





Deluxe Stratocaster Bridge Cover Back PlateDeluxe Bridge Covers

$10 to $25

Deluxe Strat tremolo covers are made from 3 ply parchment and come in many colors. This is a great and easy way to ad style to your Strat.




Custom Shop Stratocaster Bridge Cover Back PlateCustom Shop Bridge Covers

$10 to $20

Custom Shop Strat back covers have a vintage look to them. They can vary in color, but most are tan. They also are not beveled liked the regular American covers.




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