Stratocaster Bridges

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There are several differences in tremolos / bridges for the Fender Stratocaster. The main items that vary are block size and blot pattern.

Mexican Bridges

Mexican Bridge
Whammy Bar: Screw In
Attached By: Six Screws

Vintage style Tremolo with 6 screws. 2005 and early the blocks where thinner. For 2006 the blocks are much thicker and provide better tone.

American BridgeAmerican Bridges

Cost: $70 to$ 90
Whammy Bar:Push In or Screw In
Attached By: Two Posts or 6 Screws

American Bridges have thick blocks that provide that Standard American Sound. These tremolos have rough saddles and are a great buy..

Deluxe Bridges

Deluxe Bridge
Cost: $80 to $120
Whammy Bar: Push In
Attached By: Two Posts

Deluxe tremolos are very similar to the Standard American tremolos. These will work on Standard American and most Custom Shop bodies also. Deluxe tremolos have smooth saddles.

Custom Shop Bridges

Custom Shop Bridge
Cost: $100 to $200
Whammy Bar: Push In or Screw In
Attached By: Two Posts or 6 Screws

Custom Shop Tremolos can be any of the ones listed above. The added price is just from the having "Custom Shop" in the name. A few extras are included, like extra screws and tools.

Stratocaster Tremolo Photos

View pictures of right handed and lefty Mexican, American, Deluxe and Custom Shop Strat Bridges.

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