Stratocaster Cases

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Below you can view the differences of Fender Stratocaster Necks. These include Mexican Standard, American Standard, American Deluxe, and American Custom Shop Strat Necks. There are many more series of Stratocasters, but these cover the most popular models.

Mexican Gig Bags

Mexican Gig Bag
$150 to $250

The standard Mexican Gig Bag is Light weight and thin. Good for short trips or keeping dust of your Strat. There are also padded models of this that can protect your guitar better.

Deluxe Gig BagDeluxe Gig Bags

$15 to $30

The Deluxe Gig Bag offers about 1 inch of padding. This will give your guitar a good amount of protection while still being easy to carry.


American HardShell CaseAmerican Cases

$60 to $90

American Molded Hardshell Cases are the best protection for you axe. It is lockable and has storage inside.


Tolex Cases

Tolex Case
$100 to $200

The G&G Tolex Hardshell tweed case is the just about the coolest and safest way to protect your guitar. They also come in a assortment of many colors.


Custom Shop Cases

Custom Shop Case
$200 to $300

Custom Shop Cases are mainly Tolex cases that have been embroidered with the Custom Shop logo. These come in many styles and colors.



Stratocaster Case Photos

View pictures of Hardshell and Tolex Cases.

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