Stratocaster Neck Plates

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View the differences in neck plates below. It is important to get the correct bolt pattern for your neck.

mexcian neck plateMexican Neck Plates

$3 to $5

Mexican Strat Standard are Schaller Tuners but are no longer called that, now they are know as Ping Tuners. These are the same as the American Standard Tuners, just not staggered. They are the standard 2-pin design.



american neck plateAmerican Neck Plates

$10 to $25

American Strat neck plates are an affordable way to add some character to your axe. Fits all standard 4-bolt necks, and early Deluxe necks.




deluxe neck plateDeluxe Neck Plates

$15 to $50

Deluxe Strat neck plates have This staggered 4 bolt design is the only way to go on newer Deluxe bodies.




custom shop neck plateCustom Shop Neck Plates

$80 to $200

Custom Shop Strat neck plates are very pricey. You are just paying for the rare design. If you do buy one, make sure to get the paper work proving its authenticity. Fits all standard 4-bolt necks.



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