Stratocaster Tuners

March 2013 2 Comments

There are several main types of tuning pegs used on Fender Strats. Many of them are cross-compatible with the different variations of necks produced by Fender.

Mexican Tuners

Mexican Tuning Pegs
$30 to $45

Mexican Strat Standard are Schaller Tuners but are no longer called that, now they are know as Ping Tuners. These are the same as the American Standard Tuners, just not staggered. They are the standard 2-pin design.

American TunersAmerican Tuners

$35 to $60

American Schaller Staggered tuning pegs are good and easy to come by. Staggered means that some of the string post are higher and the others lower, which can allow string trees to be removed. They are the standard 2-pin design (lefty tuner shown).

Deluxe Tuners

Locking Tuners
Cost: $60 to $100

Adding locking tuning pegs to your guitar, not only will you improve its appearance, you will also not have to worry about it going out of tune as often. The standard 2-pin design, fits all necks listed. The chrome finish will last much longer than the gray painted finish.

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  1. Lee Otterson

    June 14, 2013

    Is there a template for the fender 6 in line tuners with the 2 pins. I would like to install them on a non fender neck.


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